History of Christ Church, Roche's Point

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Built in 1862 and opened for services on January 1, 1863, and consecrated in 1867 by The Right Reverend Dr. Alexander N. Bethune, Coadjutor Bishop of Niagara, Christ Church, Roche's Point has served the surrounding community throughout the years from this beautiful building. The church was designed and built by its first Rector, The Reverend Walter Stennett, former principal of Upper Canada College (1857-1861) and ordained July 30, 1848, on land given by his parents. The construction quality was excellent as the present condition of the structure shows. The original Wardens were William Stennett and Alfred Wyndham.

Repairs have been undertaken during the past few years not only to repair the signs of time, but also to upgrade the building. Beginning in 1977 with the restoration of the unique stained glass windows, and in the 1990's the interior of the building was completely refurbished to repair the plaster work and to modernize the heating, as well as the addition of air conditioning. In 1999, tie rods were added to reinforce the structure; it having only shifted slightly since 1862. In 2000, a sound system was added and replacement of all the rock mortar joints in 2002 were repaired. A new cedar shake roof was installed in 2016.

The church is well known, having been featured in many publications dealing with rural Ontario. A variety of artists, both local and non-local, have produced a number of paintings and photographs of this beautiful building.

Weekly services have continued since the cChurch was built. A continuing tribute to the Stennett family and their vision.

List Of Incumbents

 1862 - 1866 Rev. Walter Stennett, M.A.
 1866 - 1868 Vacancy
 1868 - 1870 Rev. James Morton
 1870 - 1873 Rev. Johnston Vicars
 1873 - 1878 No Incumbent
 1878 - 1880 Rev. William Jupp
 1880 - 1881 Rev. J.H. Turton (Rectory built)
 1881 - 1883 Lapse of Incumbent
 1883 - 1895 Rev. C.R. Bell, Mus. Bac. (East Wing of Rectory Added)
 1896 - 1900 Rev. A.M. Rutherford (Georgina and Roches Combined)
 1900 - 1904 Vacancy
 1904 - 1907 Rev. J. McKee McLennan
 1908 - 1911 Rev. F.M. Dean
 1912 - 1913 Vacancy
 1913 - 1917 Rev. C.E. Pratt
 1917 - 1918 Rev. W.A. Pippin
 1918 - 1920 Rev. W. Creswick
 1921 - 1925 Rev. S. Ferguson
 1925 - 1927 * Rev. Canon Thomas W. Barnett
 1927 - 1934 Rev. Fred Ellis
 1934 - 1937 Rev. A.K. Griffin
 1934 - 1937 Rev. O. Twiss (Georgina and Roches Combined)
 1937 - 1942 Rev. A.J. Forte
 1942 - 1947 Rev. J.T. Rhodes
 1947 - 1949 Rev. H.L. Puxley (Ordained While Serving)
 1949 - 1951 Rev. M.T. Hutt
 1951 - 1953 * Rev. Alfred .J. Arthur (Consecration of Cemetery Addition)
 1953 - 1956 * Rev. Edward Morley
 1956 - 1961 * Rev. Frank B. Cooke
 1961 - 1967 Rev. Jack M. Wiseman
 1967 - 1970 Rev. Canon Donald Bone
 1970 - 1974 Rev. Earl Sigston
 1974 - 1986 *
Rev. C Donald Wilson
 1986 - 1991 Rev. Wayne Carney
 1991 - 1992 Rev. Canon M. Elizabeth Kilbourn
 1992 - 1994 Rev. Canon Terry Tarleton
 1995 - 2012 Rev. John Coulman
 2012 - 2013 Several Interim Priests
 2013 - 2017
The Rev. Annette M. Gillies, L.Th., M.Div.
2017 -
The Rev. Canon David Neelands, M.A., M.Div., Th.D., D.D.

* Denotes Resting In Christ Church Cemetery

History of St. Paul, Jersey

St. Paul is known as the "Traveling Church".  St. Paul has been standing at its present location for the past 63 years.  In June of 1999 we celebrated St. Paul 50th anniversary by bringing the parish congregation and families together to share food and fun and of course stories of those who saw St. Paul on the move.

St. Paul has been moved twice before.  Its original location was at the north-west corner of Ravenshoe Road and The Queensway South.  It was constructed in 1875. In the early 1900's, St. Paul was moved to the corner of Boyers Road and Metro Road. This was quite the event for the early 1900's as it was moved on the ice up Cook's Bay.  In 1949, it was moved to its present location. In November 2014 worship services at St. Paul, Jersey were combined with and moved to Christ Church, Roche's Point. In 2017 management of St. Paul, Jersey was assumed by the Diocese of Toronto.

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